Amazing Facts About Christmas

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year, a time when kids get excited, parents despair, and everyone eats and drinks way more than they should. But this season is about much more than gifts, overindulgence, and family, as these amazing Christmas facts prove:

Jingle Bells

Although the song “Jingle Bells” has become synonymous with the Christmas season, it was initially written for Thanksgiving. The song that became the first to be played in space, was penned to celebrate the Medford Sleigh Races (ergo “one horse open sleigh”) in 1857. It just so happened that the lyrics also fit perfectly with Christmas.

Turkey for the Few

Turkey for Christmas dinner may be a big deal in North America and the UK, but there are some more unusual choices elsewhere. In Japan, they tuck into a family feast of KFC; in many eastern European countries, fish is the dish of the day.

Keeping the Christ in Christmas

Many Christians complain that “Xmas” takes the “Christ out of Christmas” and is an overused, over-simplified and even sacrilegious way of expressing the season.

However, in the Greek alphabet, “X” is the first letter in the word “Christ” and is often Anglicised as “Chi”, so it means the same thing. It’s just a fun and relevant way of abbreviating the word.

Christmas in London

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, London, is one of the most famous in the world and actually comes from Norway. The city of Oslo, Norway, donates the tree to London every year to thank them for their help during the Second World War.

Breaking Up

It’s time to finish on a sad note, because two weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to breakup. There is a myth that suggests Valentine’s Day ends more relationships than any other day, but the entire summer months actually do more damage than the run-up to this romantic holiday and Christmas is the biggest offender of all.

Family arguments, too much time spent indoors—there are many reasons Christmas is at fault for so many breakups. To prevent these complications in your own relationship, show your partner you truly love them with an extraordinarily unique gift, such as our Buy a Star package.

Show them your love is as eternal as the stars, right before you apologise for all the arguments and the offensive things you said about their parents!