Awe-Inspiring Astrological Events to Mark on your Calendar

Unless you’re an avid stargazer, there’s a good chance many astrological events pass you by. The majority of casual observers only learn about these events from Facebook pictures and videos, by which point they’ve missed the big show and are resigned to vicariously reliving it through their friend’s experiences.

That’s a huge shame, as there are so many great events to experience all over the world! So, grab your calendar, read this article, and make some notes!

Meteor Showers

A brief but dazzling natural spectacle produced as particles enter the atmosphere and burn up. These occur quite frequently and there are a few coming up:

  • January 1 to 5: The Quadrantids shower is thought to be created by particles from an destroyed comet and it is set to peak during the night of the 3rd and the early morning of the 4th.
  • April 22: The Lyrids shower is set to reach its peak on the night of April 22 and into the following morning.
  • May 6: The Eta Aquarids may be one of the most impressive of the three mentioned here, especially when seen in the southern hemisphere. It runs from late April to the end of May, but it expected to reach a peak on the night of May 6.

Moon Events

There will be a few impressive Supermoons in 2020, when the moon is at its biggest and brightest, looking like a giant golf ball in the sky. The earliest is on February 9, followed by March 9, April 8, and May 7.

Stargazers should also look out for New Moons, when the moon will not be visible, making many faint objects easier to see. These phases occur around the 23/24 of each month, beginning with January 24 and February 23.


We’ve saved the best for last. Eclipses tend to generate more media attention than other astrological events and that’s no surprise, as they are truly amazing and rare sights.

There are a couple of partial lunar eclipses in the first half of 2020, but for the big one you’ll have to wait until December 14, when there will be a total solar eclipse. However, this will only partially be visible in most of South America and fully visible in Chile and Argentina.

For the next total solar eclipse in Europe and North America, you’ll have to wait until August 2026

Enjoying Astrology

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