Mother’s Day gifts made simple

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching, and there’s a confusingly large variety of gifts on offer. But what to pick that you know she’ll love? And, more importantly, how can you be sure you’ll show her just how much she means to you?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Gift a Star with Global Star Registry

You can go with a safe (albeit cliché) option, such as flowers, candy, tea set, jewelry or a personalized card. Or, you can literally go the extra mile and show her you love her to the Moon and back! Naming a star after the one that gave you life is the loveliest gesture for this year’s Mother’s Day. Jazz things up for the 14th of May with a personalized certificate and a name of your choice of one of the stars that twinkle every night.

If you’re tired of getting your mother the same ordinary Mother’s Day gift year after year – you finally have an alternative. Sure, cosmetics may be nice and thoughtful, but a gift should also be special and meaningful. Lighten your mom’s day with the thought that every time she looks up at the sky there’s going to be one little sparkle that lets her know how much you care. Sometimes, it’s the ones you love that hear it the least, but a gesture like this one speaks volumes.

You can name the star yourself or you can let her pick it out. A personalized gift certificate will accompany the Gift Card that lets your mother know which sparkling star is reserved for her. Sometimes, you don’t have to spend hours planning and shopping online for an expensive gift when something simple can be all the more special. It’s about those little lovely gestures that show someone you love them and you’re deeply grateful for all their love and support all your life. Make 2017 Mother’s Day unique and unforgettable with a personalized certificate and a star named after Mom to show her she means more than the world to you!