5 Wedding Gift Ideas

Below you will find 5 wedding gift ideas that are unique, thoughtful and even a bit offbeat! If your best friend, sister, cousin or a close co-worker is getting married, you want to give a gift that is beyond the ordinary. While towels, toasters, wall decor and kitchen gadgets are the normal wedding gifts, you want something that will really be used and appreciated by the bride and groom – instead of stuck up in the top of a closet!


Let’s take a closer look:

1. Gift card for a home improvement store. Many couples spend their first year or so fixing up their new home. They may need to paint, add new trim around the windows, change the bathroom floor out or any number of things to make the home their own. Instead of sheets, give them a gift card to the local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

2. Home office supplies. Today, nearly every home has a home office where you usually find a desk, computer, chair, file for the household bills and other things. Instead of a toaster, why not get a shredder, some computer equipment or even an ergonomic chair? If you don’t know exactly what to get, give a gift card for Staples or any office-supply store that carries a large selection.

3. Entertainment collections. Many people are huge music and movie fanatics, and some love reading as well. The wedding couple may enjoy non-traditional movie or music collections, or even a selection of coffee-table books.

4. Day at the beach. If the wedding couple lives in an area where the beach is within driving distance, give them a gift they will really appreciate! Put together a package consisting of beach towels, a straw tote, cooler, drink cups, paperback books and a clip-on beach umbrella. Outdoorsy types who love the sun will appreciate this gift perhaps more than any other they receive.

5. Date night coupons. Sometimes after people marry, they tend to forget about setting apart time to go on a “date”. Give them tickets to the movies, a sports event, the theater – and throw in a gift card for a fancy restaurant so they can make an entire evening out of it!

These 5 wedding gift ideas are some of the best you will find. Why choose the same old traditional gifts when you can give the couple something they will really enjoy? S

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