Tips for an Unforgettable St. Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and it’s time to start planning a treat for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. But we all know how stressful shopping in the last minute can be, especially when you’re spoilt for choice with a ton of delicious chocolates, cute teddy bears, romantic bouquets of roses and tons of heart-shaped memorabilia. This is why we’ve prepared a few tips for an unforgettable St. Valentine’s Day to help you get through the madness of it all.

st valentine's gift

When you’re planning something special for your loved one, there’s only one thing you need to remember – you’re creating memories and experiences. The more emotional the better. And what better way than to have the Moon and the stars speak to the sincerity of your feelings? This Valentine’s Day our suggestion is that you forego traditional gifts that will end up lying around the house or stuffed in the back of the closet for something a bit more unconventional, but far more meaningful and impressive.

A Trip to the Planetarium, maybe?

Few things are more romantic than gazing at the night sky as you have your arm around your significant other. Nothing brings two people closer than an experience that puts it into perspective just how small and insignificant, yet extraordinarily special we all are. Share it with someone! Skip the fancy restaurant and go to a quiet, mesmerizing place, where you can both really enjoy each other’s company as you marvel at the intelligent design of our Universe and look at its raw, pulsating beauty. And, hey, if it worked for Ross’ first date with Rachel – it’s bound to work for you!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

End the night on a more intimate level with a personalized gift in the form of naming a star after the one you love and cherish. Make them know you really care as each time they look up at the sky – they know they have their very own wishing star! We offer a special star package with a gift certificate to include a personal message to someone close to your heart. This Valentine’s Day can be really special as you add a little sparkle to the holiday that celebrates love.

star gift package

Sometimes going the extra mile doesn’t have to be all that hard or take hours of intricate planning. After all, it’s all about celebrating your love in a way that brings you closer to each other, and we’re here to help you create experiences that last a lifetime!